Tips on Choosing Location For Wedding Reception

When planning your big day, you should not forget the wedding reception where all your guests will converge to celebrate with you. There are many choices available, and it can get overwhelming when you are trying to settle on one location. Some of the tips that can help when choosing a wedding reception are:

Book in Advance

If you have a place in mind that you think would make the perfect location, book it in advance. Do not imagine that there is nobody who wants it since some of the popular locations are sometimes booked even one year in advance. It helps to have a backup plan for when the location suddenly becomes unavailable.

Consider the Number of Guests

The venue for the wedding reception should be able to cater for the number of people you have invited. You do not want to have your guests crammed in a small room where they cannot dance or interact freely without running into each other.

Ask About Restrictions

You should go through the restrictions and what you are not allowed to do. For instance, you should ask if the neighbourhood allows loud music, whether you can plant decorations around the venue, and all the other details that may lead to conflict if not addressed prior to booking.

Discuss Pricing

Every wedding must have a reasonable budget that caters for the events and activities of the day. Your reception should be within your budget. No matter how much you love a specific venue, you should not go blindly into booking it before you discuss all the details about the cost. If you are working with a minimum budget, there is no harm in having your reception at a cheaper location. With some decoration, you should be able to pull it off. Besides, people will mostly remember the fun they had at the reception, and not so much about the location.