Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Wedding Locations

The wedding location you choose should be able to tie up your entire theme for the wedding. It should be among your top priorities during the planning process. You should avoid making the following mistakes when choosing the venue for your wedding:

Making Guest List After Booking Location

The guest list should come first and they should determine the kind of location you are choosing. Whenever you are planning a wedding, you should always ask yourself who you want to invite and what their personalities and preferences are. Having a guest list will also give you a rough idea of how many people you are inviting and the space they will need.

Booking Late

Do not imagine that the venue you want will always be there waiting for you to book. If you want to be sure of it, you should make your booking early so that you do not sink into panic a few days to your wedding when you realize the location is not available. You should always have a backup plan in case of a disaster or sudden unavailability of the venue.

Not Checking Weather Predictions

The location you choose should be favourable in the prevailing weather conditions. For instance, if you will be having a cold rainy day, it makes sense that you abandon plans for an outdoor wedding location and instead look for a building.

Ignoring Budget

The temptation to impress people might lead you into booking the most expensive wedding location. This will create a big dent in your pocket and you may have to spend many years of your marriage life clearing debts. Work within your budget. You can also try to get discounts and this is always possible when you are working with a planner who gives you a package for all the services provided.